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What We Do

With many years experience in the coffee business and as lovers of 'real coffee', Perfect Coffee at Work's misson is to offer their valued clients the cafe experience whenever and wherever they may be. This is possible due to our range of automatic espresso coffee machines which take the guess work out of making a perfect cup of coffee.

Our range of espresso machines offer you the convenience of cafe style coffee in seconds and at a fraction of the cost. How is this possible? Because most of our machines are fully automated meaning you just have to push a button and the coffee is made for you. No special skills are required, you don't have to be a barista to operate them.

Whether you want to hire a machine for the office or the warehouse you can be guaranteed that our automatic espresso coffee machines produce coffee of the highest quality. This coupled with our award winning coffee and our service which is second to none, means you enjoy the "perks" of great coffee without the fuss. We can also supply you with everything you need to make the experience as authentic as possible such as coffee, chocolate, sugar, stirrers, cups and glasses.

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