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Dr Coffee F3

F3 Key Features

  • Imported professional milk pump can make cold and hot milk foam, and the efficiency is increased by 1.8 times compared with F2.

  • Professional program-controlled preheating system, the coffee machine can be preheated at a custom time to ensure the quality of each first cup.

  • Imported professional vane pump can make coffee in high efficiency and high-speed. It has strong continuous coffee output ability, and the coffee output speed is increased by 1.5 times compared with F2.

  • The smooth high-temperature milk froth system and automatic cleaning design make the milk froth more delicate and smooth, and coffee cleaning is more convenient.

  • Custom beverage parameters, DIY coffee of your personal taste.

  • High capacity of double bean hopper and powder hopper, let you have more choices of beverage production.

Dr Coffee F3 close up of hoppers.jpg
Dr Coffee F3 side on.jpg
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