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PO Box 5141, Elanora Heights   NSW   2101

1300 88 66 66

02 9913 7399

02 9970 6069


"I rang you because we heard your ad. Didn’t know you from a bar of soap, but we had the worst coffee. Was it the machine, the beans, the people?......can you help us please? You recommended a Saeco machine, and I knew they were no good. I argued with you. But you backed yourself, your experience, your judgment and your ability to do what you promised. You asked me to trust you. You offered to give us a machine free for a week, after you set it up correctly. We had nothing to lose, however I insist that we pay for the week. Any man who is prepared to back himself and his company to that extent has got my attention. Now I want to tell you that you were right. We all just love the coffee now. Everyone finds the machine easy to use and they can all make great coffee. Me too. Thank you Chris. You have won us. We will be using your machine, your coffee, your service and your advice from now on!"


David Bradshaw, Managing Director, Automotive Global

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