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Dr Coffee F22

The F22 fully automatic hot and cold milk frothing coffee machine. The bean-to-cup commercial coffee maker designed for hotels, bakeries, offices and whereever quick and easy amazing beverages are needed. Innovative modular design, free combination of high performance features to cater to various scanarios.

Customisable beverages.png

Key Features

  • Metal brewer with 21g capacity delivers premium coffee.

  • Efficient pre-brewing beginning with the very first cup. Customise the preheating procedure with the professional program-controlled system.

  • Double grinders with ceramic flat burrs - uniform grind size.

  • High temperature frothing - 60-70 degrees, smooth and foamy to the very last sip.

  • Customisable configurations - save the configurations for your own coffee recipe.

  • Independent hot water wand.

Customisable beverages

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