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Our Award Winning Coffee

Chris Blend

A full flavoured coffee, smooth with smokey chocolate overtones.

Mocha Supremo

Very smooth, with a strong crema, full bodied with a milk chocolate taste.

Sabrosa Delicado

A smooth pleasant coffee, good body with a hint of roasted nut and caramel

Signature Blend

Our Signature Blend, created from the finest high grown Arabica beans, giving rich sweetness, spice aroma, malt, almond and fruity flavours pushing through the milk.


Organic and Rainforest Alliance. Sweet fruit and nut, soft chocolate with caramel sugars.

Coffee Trivia

  • The prototype of the first expresso machine was created in France.

  • Milk became a popular addition to coffee in the 1680's when a French physician recommended the
    cafe au lait for medicinal purposes.

  • It takes up to 60 coffee beans to make one espresso.

  • Coffee plants were first cultivated in Brazil in 1727 thanks to seedlings smuggled from Paris.

  • In Italy, espresso is considered so essential to daily life that the price is regulated by the government.

  • Before roasting, some green coffee beans are stored for years, and exprets believe that certain beans improve with age when stored properly.

  • Retail espresso vendors report an increase in decaffinated sales in the month of January due to New Year's resolutions to decrease caffeine intake.

  • Coffee sacks are usually made of hemp and weigh approximately 60kg when they are full of green beans. It takes over 600 000 beans to fill a coffee sack.

  • Coffee, as a world commodity, is second only to oil.

  • The French philosopher, Voltaire, reportedly drank fifty cups of coffee a day.

  • In the last three centuries, 90% of all people living in the Western world have switched from tea to coffee.

  • Coffee, along with beer and peanut butter, is on the national list of the "ten most recognisable odours".

  • Espresso is to Italy what champagne is to France.

  • Coffee is grown commercially in over forty five countries throughout the world.

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