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Saeco SG200 Espresso


Small and automatic. The SG 200 is the new Saeco vending machine intended for offices and small environments. It automatically provides cups, sugar and stirrers. With its 200 cups capacity, it is the undisputed leader in its class. Refined in design and with great autonomy, it offers up to 8 selectable beverage with 4 possible preselections. It is simple to program and easy to use. 


Dimensions w x h x d                 410 x 757 x 537mm
Weight                                        46 kg
Power                                         230 V
Power consumption                   1250 V
Boiler                                          Brass
Coffee beans capacity               2 kg
Water tank capacity                   1500 ml
Cups                                           195
Powdered milk                            0.85 kg
Powdered chocolate
                 1.7 kg

Saeco SG500 Espresso


A new generation of automatic vending machines
SG 500 NEW is an automatic vending machine for small and medium-sized environments. It automatically dispenses cup, sugar and stirrer with 500 cups capacity. It offers up to 25 different beverages to be selected through a 14-key membrane keypad, both in direct selection mode and in preselection mode.
The Plus versions is equipped with larger grinders - 64 mm - which allow an even higher quality of the brewed coffee. The model is available with 7 or 9-g group.
The extremely innovative, elegant design, coordinated with the Break Point 36 and Drink Point 5 vending machines is the perfect expression of state-of-the-art technology associating high-quality performance with reliability, user-friendliness and easy maintenance.


Dimensions w x h x d                 600 x 1700 x 674mm
Weight                                        115 kg
Power                                         230 V
Power consumption                   1500 V
Boiler                                          Brass
Coffee beans hopper                 1
Coffee Soluble Container          4
Mixer                                          2
Water connection                       3/8" (press 0.5-8.0 bar)


Saeco Atlante Espresso


The Saeco Atlante is the new and standard-setting generation of free-standing vending machines for hot beverages – stunningly impressive from every angle. Its innovative U-Profile design with soft and elegant lines adds style to every room. Along with its generous capacity (up to 700 cups), superb choice (up to 60 different products) and supreme convenience thanks to the revolutionary Saeco Rotating Plate System this vending wonder is perfect for medium and large locations. Atlante creates a perfect coffee corner for any context and offers a complete solution for Vending.


Dimensions w x h x d                 750 x 1830 x 865mm
Weight                                        184 kg
Power                                         230 V/50Hz
Power consumption                   2300 V
Boiler Espresso                         Brass (600cc)

Boiler Instant                             Stainless steel (4,5l)
Coffee beans hopper                 2
Instant Product Container          5
Disc Mixer                                  4
Water supply                             Standard: water supply optional: independent
                                                  water tank kit.

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