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This is a sleek, modern premium coffee machine.

$30.00 + gst per week


  • Dimensions 450mm long x 301mm wide x 450mm high. Need an extra 200mm to access bean hopper at top of machine.

  • Patented brew unit system with auto-clean function;

  • 300g coffee hopper or optional 750g large capacity coffee bean hopper;

  • 75 pcs large capacity coffee ground drawer;

  • 2L large capacity waste water tray;

  • Available in white and black.

Optional Pro Steamer unit

$5.00 + gst per week


The Pro Steamer unit which sits next to the machine. This allows the espresso to be made while you are heating and frothing your milk. The steamer is fantastic. You can set it at the desired temp and it will automatically stop at that temperature.

It is simple and easy to use with a 1

button clean flush to be pressed after

every use.

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